Studio GEkrIzzL

2011 / 2012

In December 2011 I opened the "Studio Gekrizzl" ("Gekrizzl" means as much as doodle) in my hometown Pfaffenhofen – a mixture of shop, work and exhibition room. This project was done through the "Studio_Laden" which is part of the local promotion of culture and provides selling and working space to young creative people. For the period of six months at the maximum the "Studio_Laden" owner has the opportunity to explore self-employment within a secured framework, to collect new experiences and also to freshen the city center. The time in the "Studio" was pretty cool – abundant in instructive experiences and funny moments. Even more as a friend of mine moved in too: Sly a.k.a. Sly du Mont. For the second half of the time we shared the workplace in the studio and Sly expanded the shop on a skateboard workshop where he built his very unique skateboard decks – hand shaped, hand pressed and hand printed.