Die ZEIT "Geldspezial"

No. 08 February 2014

Two illustrations for the "Die ZEIT – Geld Spezial". Focus: investment and insurance. The crisis is eating the income return.

Die ZEIT "Arena Analyse 2014"

No. 02 January 2014

Illustration for the Austrian issue of the weekly newspaper "Die ZEIT". The article refers to an annual survey among experts on forecasts for the upcoming year: The financial crisis no longer attracts all the attention, ethical codes are given priority. And the rapid expansion of the digital world commands that fundamental individual rights are being redefined by the policy.

Die ZEIT "Promotionspecial"

No. 48 November 2012

Illustration for the weekly newspaper "Die ZEIT". The article relates to four slightly quirky dissertations. I picked the one with the most confusing title for the drawing .